FIRPTA Expertise

The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) requires that all foreign investors in U.S. real estate pay federal and state income tax on gains from the sale of U.S. real estate. This includes individuals, foreign corporations, and U.S. corporations set up by foreign investors.Stocks, bonds and other assets are not subject to income tax on sale. That is why seeking advisors with specialized expertise in FIRPTA is so important. As you are developing your investment strategy, WDW can help investors and their advisors with cross-border tax planning for U.S. real estate and compliance and structuring to lessen the impact of FIRPTA, allowing for a reduced tax burden and greater returns.

Global experts in FIRPTA tax strategies

As the only CPA firm specializing in FIRPTA compliance, we offer a scope of expertise simply unavailable in other accounting practices. Our senior-level CPAs are among the leaders in FIRPTA tax strategy, planning and compliance, providing strategic consultation in all areas of FIRPTA compliance, including international tax, state and multistate taxation, real estate partnership tax, and C corporation taxation.

Large accounting firms may have only a few FIRPTA clients, scattered among general business clients and assigned to a tax professional with little or no FIRPTA experience. This is not the case at WDW. As a result of preparing over 10,000 Federal and state FIRPTA-related tax returns for more than 63 billion dollars in real estate assets, our tax specialists have a broad and deep understanding of FIRPTA regulations and the tax laws affecting foreign real estate investor transactions. In fact our clients are so satisfied with our service and the results we’ve achieved for them that we’ve never lost a FIRPTA client.